Activities Games

Many of the games we play today have their origins in medieval times. It will be no surprise then to find a wide variety of traditional games played in the SCA. 

Tavern and indoor games include board games such as Tables (backgammon), Chess, 9 Mens Morris, Hnefatafl (a viking game) and other pub games such as Shove-Groat (Shove ha'penny), skittles, shut-the-box, and many variants of card games. Although the cards look different to a modern deck some of the games are similar in principle to those played today.

And then there are all of the outdoor games that we play at our events. There are throwing games such as Kubb, Quoits and a game similar to Petanque, as well as a bat and ball game called Stoolball which is similar to backyard cricket.


We also play running and chasing games like Blind Man's Bluff, Jingling, Fox and Geese and we have our own version of Medieval Football which is very different to the modern game!

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