Arts and Sciences

What are the ARTS & SCIENCES?

All aspects of medieval re-creation and enactment that do not fall under the heading of Martial Activity are generally considered to come under the heading of Arts and Sciences.

The range of topics is vast, covering all aspects of the way people lived in medieval times. This includes what people wore, the things they used, how they entertained themselves, what they ate and drank, the ways in which they communicated and the structure of the society in which they lived. New members usually start by making items of clothing to wear at events. Often people already have an area of interest such as music, sewing, or perhaps metalwork, which they continue to pursue within a medieval context. Others enjoy discovering completely new skills and interests. The various endeavours of our members add to the medieval atmosphere at events and contribute to the enjoyment of everybody present. Some members like to enter Arts and Sciences competitions which are run at many events.

Where can I find out about Anglo-Saxon under-garments? (or whatever!)

Just about everything medieval has been investigated or made by someone, somewhere at some time! Members are keen to share their knowledge and skills, and are almost certain to want to help you get started on your project. If they don’t know the answer to your question, they should be able to direct you to someone who can help.

The links shown on this page are those used most frequently by members and are a good place to start. Classes on a variety of subjects are normally held during an event. They are informative and fun and can provide an insight into a broad range of areas of interest. If you need assistance in finding someone who can help you, try contacting the Arts & Sciences officer.

Some Useful Research Links.


Competitions provide an opportunity to show your work to a wider audience at events and to receive constructive feedback. Some competitions will have prizes for the winner but most are entered just for fun. Local competitions are set by the A&S officer and can take various formats. Kingdom competitions are held at certain Crown events and count towards the annual Kingdom A&S Championship.

Forth-coming Kingdom Competitions:

Kingdom of Lochac Arts & Sciences


Members of the Guilds of Lochac focus on a particular specialist area of the Arts and Sciences. Each guild has its own website: