SCA Martial Arts

"A hot bead of sweat trails down your forehead as you look toward your opponent, exploring your next move..."  

Will it be that one shot cut to the head, a bullseye, the killing thrust of your rapier, or the sweeping desolation that comes with commanding your own unit on the warfield? Whether you're a heavy combatant, archer, avid fencer or operating a siege engine on the warfield; here you'll find a summary and resource links relating to the Martial Arts, Cluain and the SCA.

Cluain generally has a strong following in Heavy Combat and Archery, however, we're sure you'll find a range of martial arts within the SCA to hold your interest.

Our active combatants need to be 'authorised' to take part in combat related activities within the society and as a result go through relevant testing before they are unleashed on their opponents. Likewise our marshals who oversee such combat undergo further authorisation to ensure they are able to observe the societies combat rules.

In addition to relevant practical testing, to authorise as a marshal or as a combatant you will need to complete an NZ Authorisation form pdf.

Contact our group marshal for more information if you're interested.

Combat Marshalling

Marshals are experienced members who provide oversight of combat and apply the rulesets and conventions relevant for each combat form noted below.

SCA events have an assigned "Marshal in Charge" who oversee martial activities and other marshals at an event. They are also responsible for reporting such activities back to the local group. The Group Marshal then oversees these activities within the local group and reports to their superiors within the Lochac Marshallate. Marshalling Resources are located on the Kingdom of Lochac website and include handbooks, updates, forms and further resources and links.

Heavy Combat

This is the primary combat form used within the SCA around the world and has rules for tournament combat and war combat which also include supplimentry rules for combat archery and siege warfare.

Lochac Fighters Handbook

Target Archery

A very popular activity within Cluain. Honing ones skill at the range, is an important aspect of an archers effectiveness on the battle field. As an extension of this, one can also become involved in SCA war combat by becoming a combat archer.

Our Captain of Archers is the best person to contact regarding regular archery activities. Most of our local formal events include target archery with various competitions or 'fun shoots'. For more information on the more formal archery competitions within the Kingdom of Lochac you can also check out "The Lochac Archers Website". 

Rapier Combat

Also known as the Art of Defense or Fencing, this is another very popular combat form which has been formalised into a Guild within the SCA. Combat rules and forms are available on the Lochac Marshals webpage, as noted above in the Heavy Combat section, however additional resources are available on the Lochac Fencing website.

Siege Engines

What battlefield would be complete without some form of mass combat weapon present. Cluain has working trebuchet and ballista for display firing, rulesets include projectiles suitable for firing safely at live targets.

Youth Combat

With Parental or Guardian permission, formalised activity in authorised combat already allows for ages 14+. The level of involvement is dependant on the form of combat and is outlined in the relevant Heavy and Rapier handbooks.  

However a formalised ruleset for younger or developing members is also being considered, though at this stage is only in development; therefore any other combat activities (including 'Boffer' - using padded weapons, etc) involving unauthorised youth are informal and is required to be overseen by their parents/guardians.

The Lists

Tournaments (individual and melee) run smoother with certain resources available.

List Field: an enclosure / barrier used for active combatants and marshals.

List Herald: an officer or volunteer who announces the results of the round, combatant order and combatants at the beginning of combat.

List Officer: an officer or volunteer who coordinates an authorised combatants order, progression and results based upon the format of the tournament (round robin, single/double elimination brackets...). 

Documents linked from this page are up to date as at 14 July 2015 - Please refer to the Marshals Webpage for updated versions.