Kitchen Stores

Event stewards, meal planners and feast cooks will find the following list of victuals useful in planning an event.

  • Inventory of Food items (Last reviewed 18 July 2015)

Keys noted below: Gd = Ground/Powder, * = Measured in quantity when mixed

Item Quantity
Cloves - whole 10g
Honey <150g
Milo <900g
Sugar - Brown 600g
Table salt 2500g
Sliced Almonds 50g
Sugar - Raw 360g
Flour - Plain 2.7kg
Pepper - black <15g
Tea - Dilmah <200 bags
Tea - Bell <60 bags
Coffee - Instant <500g
Toothpicks <100
Vinegar - Italian Red Wine <700ml
Lentils - Brown <200g
Vinegar - Italian White 500ml
Flour - Arrowroot (GF) 600g
Dried Fruit - Sultanas 110g
Coffee bag - Robert Timms 2 serves
Beef Stock* 8L
Chicken Stock (Massel) 7.5L
Rose water 250ml
Allspice - ground 40g
Almond Essence 50ml
Raisins 800g
Raro* 5L
Vegetable Stock* (MSG) 20L
Caster Sugar 90g
Galangal 20g
Currents 370g
Whole Green Olives 450g
Starbucks Coffee 100g
Cinnamon sticks 180g
Cornflour 300g
Saffron 2g
Mace 60g
Ginger - Gd 30g
Nutmeg - Gd 125g
Cloves - Gd 40g
Cinnamon - Gd 50g
Cardamon - Gd 20g
Tea Bags - various >100
Dill 5g
Cumin - Gd 70g
Caraway Seeds 15g
Coriander - Gd 10g
Coriander flakes 5g
Tarragon leaves 5g
Majoram  5g
Sage 5g
Thyme 10g
Rosemary 5g
Curry Powder 30g