Hastilude - Monthly Gathering

Hastilude is a plain-clothes event that typically includes a pot luck dinner, fighters training (numbers allowing), and other various activities, as per attendies. ie dancing, fencing, kids boffer and a variety of medieval crafts. Bring a craft along and join us for some making, chatting and eating!

When: Usually the 3rd Saturday of the month barring other events being too close. Starts at 10:00am this time!

Where: The location varies from month to month and is presently alternating between Hamilton, Rotorua and Tauranga. If you would like to come and meet us and join in, please email the chatelaine who will let you know where and when the next Hastilude is happening. This month we are doing some preparation work for the upcoming Labour Weekend--come any time after 10:00 and help make a list field and other items!

This event will go ahead as long as the Waikato is in Level 2 or lower on September 18th! If alert levels increase, the event will not go ahead.