Labour Weekend Living History 2020

Join us at Braythwayte Manor in Rotorua this Labour Weekend (Fri 23th October to Mon 26th) for a relaxing few days in your favourite century.

There's no set timetable, just get together with like-minded gentles and join in whatever is going on be it singing, archery, fighting, baking, weaving, cooking, music, games etc etc...

You can camp in period or modern tent. Period tents will be sited near the main camp area and modern ones will be sited further back.

As there will be a focus on 'Living History', all food (including breakfasts) will be prepared and cooked over open fire in the main camp area. All food will be stored in camp (no refridgeration) using period appropriate methods. 

We would encourage everyone attending the camp to be extra vigilant in keeping all mundane items (including electronics and modern drinks bottles) out of sight around the main camp area.

Bookings now closed.