Knife making workshop - ***Now Full***

This is a full weekend workshop is aimed at beginners rather than accomplished artisans. Priority will be given to new-comers and those who do not yet have a nice ‘medieval’ knife.

The workshop will be limited to about 6 knife-makers (+ partners, helpers) so that each person stands a good chance of completing their knife by the end of the weekend.

The aim is to complete a period-looking knife made from quality steel, hardened and tempered to hold an edge. Each knife will be different depending on the design chosen by the maker. The sheath will have to wait for another day.


The cost of the materials and consumables (Steel, brass, hardwoods, cutting disks, linishing belts, abrasives etc) will be $20

The cost of food for the weekend (if you are staying at Braythwayte Manor) will be $20 which will cover Braythwayte breakies (x2) and Saturday dinner.


Before the weekend you will need to send Ed an image of a knife with a similar profile to the one you want to make and any specific design requests. This is so that we can be reasonably confident that your ambitions are realistic for the time, resources and skill levels available.

On the weekend of the workshop:

Arrive with a paper/card template of your knife. You can arrive on Friday evening (preferable) or meet us at the school workshop at 9:00 am on the Saturday.

Saturday’s tasks: Cut and shape profile of knife from tool steel, remove stock to form the blade, finish blade surface to 400 grit, make pieces for the handle and drill rivet holes in the steel, harden and temper the blade (this stage will take 1 ½ hrs!), assemble handle to blade (resin and brass rivets). Be warned, this will be a long day, you may want to bring your togs so you can enjoy a spa after dinner…

Sunday’s tasks: Shape handle, finish handle and blade to satisfaction, sharpen knife.

This workshop is now full. Please contact Ed if you are interested in attending a workshop at a later date.