A Right Royal St Sebastians

 Photos are now in the Gallery under St Sebs 2018.

Come and join us as we celebrate our 10th anniversary of our annual archery fest held at Braythwayte Manor in Rotorua!

2nd March (from 4pm) to 4th March 2018

This is a family friendly weekend camp with all sorts of fun things happening; A&S classes, archery games, the annual foot-the-ball contest between Piddlington and Oddlington, easter bunny hunt, music, camp fire, people hitting each other, another of Ed's crazy background games involving all the usual devious shenanigans and challenges (with a beautiful crossbow and set of bolts as the prize!), and then there is St Sebastian's archery contest to decide the Baronial Archery Champion (who will receive a longbow as their prize!) ...and our King  and Queen will be gracing us with Their prescence!

Bookings are now closed.

Of course, you can just come along, relax and soak up the atmosphere...

We promise you won't go hungry... the bakers will have the bread oven running at full capacity, the cooks will be preparing amazing meals and that's on top of the traditional Braythwayte Breakfast! ...it may pay you to go on a bit of a diet beforehand!!

Although this is a camping event (period or modern), we will do everything we can to assist if you genuinely cannot camp. (Please explain your situation on your booking form and we'll get back to you)

There will be a rain-check for the following weekend in case the weather gods are a tad grumpy on the intended weekend. If the event has to be postponed and you are unable to make the following weekend, you will, of course, receive a full refund.

Bookings close on 24th Feb.


Booking type Adult (16 and older) Child (5-15)
Full event with meal plan $60 $30
Full event self catering $20 $10
Day trip with meal plan (or up to 24 hrs) $30 $15
Day trip self catering (or up to 24 hrs) $10 $5
Under 5's are free.    

Rotorua airport is only 15 mins from the site. 


Provisional Schedule:




The Game of Gold:

This game runs all weekend from when you sign in until closing court. Since we are celebrating 10 years of St Sebastians at Braythwayte Manor, the prize for the winner this year is a 15th Century hunting crossbow with a goats foot lever and a set of bolts.


Object of the game:

Collect as much gold as you can and keep it safe.

There are no banks to keep your gold safe (however, there are money lenders!). You will need to outwit those who would relieve you of your fortune.

The 6 richest players at closing court go into the final, which should take 10 - 15 minutes. Details of the final play-off will be explained in closing court. 

Start of the game:

Everyone has an equal number of gold nuggets. These can be collected when you sign in. You can hide them straight away. You have until opening court to hide your bounty but remember to keep at least 6 gold on your person. The game begins at the end of opening court.

Playing the game:

All players must keep at least 6 gold about their person at all times. If you lose the gold about your person you must immediately (within 10 minutes max) obtain more. You may:

a) Go and get some of the gold you have previously hidden.

b) Borrow some from the Dragon. The dragon will lend you 6 gold but will want a promissory note from you for 8 gold in return. Failure to repay the dragon means that he will get a light snack of chargrilled human instead.

To get more gold you may:

a) Keep any gold that you find. (See 'Finding gold')

b) Trade goods or services with other players for gold.

c) Steal gold - don't get caught though, or you will have to pay a hefty fine or forfeit (see 'Penalties').

d) Gamble with others.

e) Challenge others (see 'Issuing a challenge').

f) Win gold. All of the archery games have prize money.

g) Complete challenges/ tasks issued by the stewards during the event.

h) Receive gold at the discretion of one of the stewards for services rendered.

i) Be the recipient of a charitable donation (see 'Charity').

To keep your stash safe(ish), you may:

Hide it in one or more places that are accessible to all players. This means that you may NOT hide it anywhere that other players might consider private. So not in your tent, bag, chest or anywhere normally seen as private. You may not ask others to look after your money for you whether they are playing the game or not.

If you are unsure whether a hiding place is legitimate, ask one of the stewards.

Finding Gold:

If you find gold, it is yours! …unless the owner catches you raiding their hiding place, in which case they will turn you in as a thief. (see ‘Penalties’). Only the owner of the gold can report you. If anyone else sees you they have no claim. However, they may want to issue you with a challenge before you get to hide your new found wealth!

Issuing a Challenge:

You can challenge any other player at will (this can be the same player as many times as you wish).

You may only issue a challenge if you are carrying at least 6 gold. If you are without gold (because you have just lost a challenge) you have 10 minutes to get some or you face a fine/penalty.

The winner of the challenge gets ALL of the gold being carried by the other person. You cannot set an agreed amount for a challenge, it is simply for all of the gold carried by each player.

You cannot refuse a challenge BUT as the person who has been challenged you get to choose the nature of the challenge. It is expected that the challenged person will uphold the virtues chivalry and kindness and be considerate in selecting the nature of the challenge so that you both have a reasonably equal chance of success.


All players must make at least one act of charity during the game. Yes, you MUST give some gold away without the expectation of reward!

Look for players who impress you for some reason. Go up to them and give them some gold (this can be any amount from 1 to 12 gold) and tell them the reason for your donation.

If you have the most gold at the end of the game you will be questioned about your act(s) of charity which must be verified by the recipient(s).


So you’ve been caught being naughty! Oh dear! …

You must confess your sin to one of the stewards who will offer you the option of a forfeit or a fine. Neither will be palatable!!

Whatever fine of forfeit you are given is non-negotiable. You only get to choose whether you accept the fine, the forfeit or if you want to withdraw from the game.

End of the Game:

The movement of gold between players ends at noon on Sunday. After noon you may not acquire (or lose) gold. You can go and recover any gold that you have hidden without fear of loss.

Other Rules:

1. You are on your own. You may not collude with anyone else, whether they are playing the game or not.

2. You cannot employ other people as spies, lookouts, guards, gold hunters etc.

3. All gold (other than that carried about your person) must stay within the set boundaries of the site, which will be outlined in opening court.

4. You may not blackmail another player.

5. If you are unsure about the legality of your activities you must check with one of the stewards.

6. Gambling, challenging, trading, losing and finding gold, must not be arranged so as to deliberately transfer money from one person to another.

7. An act of charity (up to 12 gold) is the only way that money can be deliberately transferred to another player and you cannot give to the same player more than once.

Good luck. Be cunning... but play nicely :)


Archery Competition.

St Sebastians Archery competition will be contested on the Sunday to find:

1. The Baronial Archery Champion.  - This title will be awarded to the highest scoring archer who resides within the Barony of Ildhafn (shooting with any SCA legal bow and arrows)

2. The winner of the Golden Arrow trophy   - This will be awarded to the highest scoring longbow archer shooting with period bow and arrows (no fibreglass!). Loaner longbows will be available.

3. St Sebastians Archery Champion. - The highest scoring archer will receive a longbow as their prize in this open category (any SCA legal bow and arrows).