Mid-winter Coronation

Come and witness the pageantry and spectacle of Mid-Winter Coronation against the stunning backdrop of Hamilton Gardens. See history in the making and pay homage as our new sovereigns are crowned King and Queen of Lochac.

Enjoy 2 days filled with Royal Courts, Tournaments, Arts and Sciences and of course, Feasting!

Bookings are now closed for the event

This event does not include accommodation but every assistance will be given to assist travellers to find accommodation suitable to their needs and their purse. Accommodation and transport requests can be made through the booking form.

Event Schedule: 

Saturday 22nd July

08:00 Site opens for set up.

09:00 Arrival on site

10:00 The Procession Court begins

11:00 Private use of the Amphitheatre and Gallery begins

11:15 Court

13:00 Lunch served in the pavillion & Set up of A&S competition

13:30 Judging of the A&S Competition

14:00 Vignettes begin

15:00 Fencing Tournament begins

16:00 Vignettes finish

16:30 Fencing Tournament ends & Peerage Meeting #1 begins(MODs)

17:00 Fantasy Gardens close

17:30 Peerage Meeting # 2 (Laurels)

18:00 Feast Hall opens

19:00 Feast & Court

00:00 Site Closes for night

Sunday 23rd July

9:00 site opens

9:30 Peerage Meeting (Pelicans)

10:00 armour inspections + lists

10:30 Heavy Tournament begins

12:00 Peerage Meeting (Chivalry)

13:00 Lunch served in the pavillion

13:30 Closing Court

17:00 Venue hireage finishes.


This event is being held at the beautiful Hamilton Gardens. You can check out their website here. There is a wonderful collection of themed gardens to inspire you if you are considering running a short A&S talk or class (vignette - see booking form)

The gardens include: Italian Renaisance GardenEnglish Flower GardenHerb GardenJapanese Garden of Contemplation, Tudor Garden.

Event Pricing:

Booking Type

Adult or Youth (14yrs+)

Child (5 to 13yrs)

Full Event - Saturday & Sunday, fully catered including feast



Full Event - Saturday & Sunday, off-board (no food)



Saturday only - fully catered including feast



Saturday only - off-board (no food)



Sunday only – lunch provided



Sunday only - off-board (no food)



Non-members (Adult 18+) will need to add a $2 event membership fee to the above prices.

Children under 5yrs go free.