Welcome to Cluain!

The Canton of Cluain is an historical re-enactment group covering the period pre 1600 AD. We are part of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) based in the City of Hamilton, New Zealand, reaching out through the Waikato, Bay of Plenty and King Country area.

Our parent Barony is Ildhafn, who are based in the City of Auckland.

Labour Weekend at Braythwayte Manor

Come and relax and slip back into your favourite century for 3 days of camaraderie among friends.

This is a do-as-you-please event with no set timetable. Just bring your projects, weapons, toys, musical instruments, tools etc and get involved in whatever is going on.

Booking form here.

Some folk will be making camp furniture for Canterbury Faire over the weekend. This will probably involve going off site each day to use the school workshops. If you would like to offer your services and be part of the camp furniture team please indicate this on your booking form.

Accommodation and camping options:

1.  Period tents in the main 'Living History' camp. 

2.  Plastic (modern) tents on the lawn behind the house.

3. In the house. There are 2 bedrooms available with preference given to those who need them. We will also use the lounge as additional sleeping space for those who cannot bring a tent and don't mind sharing with others.


A 'sausage-inna-bun' and other nibbles will be provided on the Friday from 6pm to 9pm (there may be some leftovers for late arrivals). Also breakfast will be provided each day. (Bacon/sausage, free-range eggs, mushrooms, porridge, fresh fruit salad, bread and butter). These meals are included in the event fee.

Other than Friday supper and breakfasts this is a SELF-CATERING EVENT. 

Rotorua has lots of good eateries catering for all budgets and tastes. There is a dairy a short walk from the site. Nearest supermarket is 5 mins drive away.

Cooking Facilities:

There will be the campfire plus a 'medieval BBQ' with hot plate, mini spit (ideal for roast chicken or a joint of meat) and an area for heating pots. You are welcome to have your own cooking fire provided the grass is replaced neatly when you pack up. There is also a wood-fired bread oven available.

If you want to cook using your own camping stove then you will be able to do so on the patio by the house.

We hope to have the kitchen tent available with gas burners for making hot drinks.

You will need to bring your own pots, pans and cooking utensils. There will be a separate small fire to heat water in the cauldron for dish washing. 


Category Cost
Adult 2 or 3 nights (full event) $20
Adult 1 night $10
Adult day visitor $5
Child 2 or 3 nights (full event) $10
Child 1 night $5
Child day visitor $2

 Child rate is for 5 to 15 year olds.

 Older children pay adult rates.

 Children under 5 years: Free

 Event Membership of $2 is payable by all adult (18+) non-members


Rotorua has a variety of hot pools and spas so you might want to bring togs. The spa pool at the house will be available in the evenings (5 people max).

Please email the steward, Elizabeth with requests or ideas of anything you would like to organise, or if you need directions to Braythwayte Manor.

Book here.

St John's

St John's is Cluain's annual event, celebrating all that makes the Canton great. Fun and games in a family-friendly environment.
Participants will be able to participate in their favourite SCA activities, with Archery, Heavy Combat, Fencing, and A&S, all being planned

The date: 10 - 12 July 2015; site opens 4pm Friday and closes 4pm Sunday 

Bookings are now CLOSED! - see you there!

Event Outline:

The Site opens at 4pm for setting up on Friday 10th of July. Dinner will be from around 6.30pm for anyone on the meal plan that night.
As attendees are likely to be arriving later on Friday nothing formal is planned over that time, though you are encouraged to bring along games to play.
A&S classes are dependant on those willing to run classes, a basic list of A&S classes will be produced closer to the event depending on the booking responses. As noted on the A&S section of the booking form those running classes are asked to note any timing preferences.

Event Pricing:

Please note - this site charges per person, and does not have separate rates for children
Full event: (incl. 2 nights Meal Plan and Feast) 
Adult $70, Children (12 & Under) $47.

1 Night: (incl. reduced Meal Plan and Feast)
Adult $50, Children (12 & under) $32, this assumes you arrive after breakfast 

Saturday Day Trip: Adults $30, children $17. This includes feast

Kingdom Levy is inclusive in all pricing; non-members aged 18+ add $2 Event Levy .

Bookings are now CLOSED.
They will close on 3 July 2015.

No Refunds on Food portion once food purchased.

Event Location:
Waingaro Scout Camp
Waingaro Road (37°39'28.73" S 175°00'47.56" E)

Next Hastilude

The next Hastilude is scheduled for Saturday 18th July and will be hosted by the Baron and Baroness.

We will be starting to paint the banner that will adorn the front of the camp kitchen bench so wear old clothes that you will not mind getting a spot of paint on.

There will be the usual pot-luck dinner so bring something yummy to share.  See you there!

If you need directions, please email the chatelaine.

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