St Sebastians 2019

St Sebastians Event  - Friday 15th March (from 4pm) to Sunday 17th March 2pm (site closes at 4pm)


Come and join in the fun as we once again gather at Braythwayte Manor on the Northern shore of Lake Rotorua for a weekend of archery based games and competition.

This is a family friendly weekend camp with all sorts of fun things happening; A&S classes, archery games, the annual foot-the-ball contest between Piddlington and Oddlington, easter bunny hunt, music, camp fire, coffee shop, people hitting and stabbing each other, another of Ed's crazy background games involving all the usual devious shenanigans and challenges with a prize of a carved chest for the winner!... and then there is St Sebastian's archery contest to decide the Baronial Archery Champion.

Of course, you can just come along, relax and soak up the atmosphere...

We promise you won't go hungry... the bakers will have the bread oven running at full capacity, the cooks will be preparing amazing meals and that's on top of the traditional Braythwayte Breakfast! may pay you to go on a bit of a diet beforehand!!

Although this is a camping event (period or modern), we will do everything we can to assist if you genuinely cannot camp.

Rotorua airport is only 15 mins from the site. 

Should the weather gods disapprove of our plans then the event will be held on the following weekend (22nd to 24th March).

Pricing is as follows:

Adult whole event

(+16 and 17 yr olds)

Child whole event

(up to 15 yrs old)

Adult up to 24hrs

(+ 16 and 17 yr olds)

Child up to 24 hrs

Event fee

(Full board)

$60 $30 $30 $15

Event only

(No food)

$20 $10 $10 $5

Under 5s go free.

Adult non-members (18+) will need to purchase an event membership ($2)

Here's a sneek peek at what is happening.. 

(Note, this is a proposed schedule and it is subject to change at the whim of the stewards!)

Day Time Main Activity A&S + Other Children
Friday 4pm Site opens    
6pm - latish Supper + set up    
Saturday 8am Breakfast    
9:30am Opening Court The Game  begins  
After court Heavy Tourney Board & wedge lasts + shoe fitting Luan's childrens activity
    Rapier class + pick ups  
    Painting on panels with egg temera Pt 1  
    Intro to Combat Archery  
Noon Foot-the-ball    
12.30pm Lunch Judging of A&S Competition  
1.30pm Archery Games Shakesperean theatre costume  
4pm   Melissa's class on bees  
6pm Dinner    
Evening Campfire   Marshmallow toasting
9pm Night Shoot    
Sunday 8am Breakfast Breakfast quiz  
9:30am     Bunny Hunt
10am Archery Competition Reading Rennaisance Musical Notation  
    Painting on panels with egg temera Pt2 Carol's children's activity
11am   Shepherd's Purses  
12.30pm Lunch    
1.30pm Closing Court The Game ends  
4pm Site closes    
Playing the Game?

This year the game has a travel theme. Your mission is to get to the city to petition the baron before closing court -that bit is easy enough. However, you have lots of competition and the baron will only grant an audience to the most wealthy nobles, those who have sufficient gold to persaude the baron that their cause is the most worthy.

You must travel the land accumulating gold before entering the city. There are many ways of doing this including; finding it, earning it, winning it from gambling or challenges, selling goods and services or being rewarded for good and kind deeds.

Unfortunately, there are also quite a few ways of spending or losing gold ...and travel can be fraught with hidden dangers!

Each player will have a named marker which indicates their current location on a map.

Full rules will be available on sign-in at the event.

Looking forward to your company,

Your hosts, Ed and Elizabeth Braythwayte.