Workshop and Music Weekend


You are invited to journey to Braythwayte Manor in Rotorua for a weekend of making stuff, working on projects, playing music and relaxing.

This is an informal (garb optional) event with simple food. You can camp or stay in the house if there is room (we will be using the lounge for additional crash space).

The workshop will be available all weekend with Ed on hand to assist with projects. He will also be throwing clay about in an attempt to form some earthenware vessels for firing over Labour Weekend. If you love playing with mud, you will be most welcome to do so.

Elizabeth would love to get together with other musicians of any level.

If you would like to fire up the new bread oven, it would be good to know how Henry performs in preparation for Labour Weekend... and freshly baked bread would be just awesome!<--break->

Event fees:

Full weekend: $30 Adult, $15 Child (5-15), under 5 free. 

Day trip with lunch provided: $5 Adult, $3 Child

Day trip providing own food: Free - But you will still need to complete a booking form. 

Adult non-members will need to pay $2 event membership.

We would welcome any contribtutions for desserts, morning tea or evening nibbles.

The equipment available in the workshop includes:

Woodworking machines (table saw, bandsaw, lathe, drills etc), A forge and anvil, Stained glass working equipment, Pewter casting equipment and mould making stuff, Leather working tools, Knife making materials, Some carving tools, Pyrography, Pottery stuff (I can borrow an extra potter's wheel if there is interest). 

Materials: If you need materials for a project please let me know on your booking form. I will then contact you to discuss availabilty and costs.

Forge: If you want to use the forge you can supply your own fuel or contribute some dollars direct to Ed for charcoal.